Well It’s Been a Minute…

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I have posted on here. Well, at least it feels like it’s been a while. I graduated and then went into visit friends before they move mode and hibernation mode. I slept . . . a lot. Oh look photos . . .

Anyway, I have decided that this blog is going to go under construction for a few days (maybe longer if I slip back into hibernation). The reason are:

  1. People call me Kikyo but no one in real life or online calls me KikyoHatake so I want to change to Tiara Kikyo Giles. It’s already how you find me on twitter and instagram so why not? (YouTube will also be changed to this)
  2. I someday hope to publish and/or create television shows (like a K-drama maybe? Yeah. That’s a dream. Haha) so KikyoHatake isn’t what I would want people to call me. Either Tiara, Tiara Kikyo, Tiara Kikyo Giles, or Tiara Giles but not kikyoHatake.
  3. The name change also feels like it can help broaden my blog and YouTube channel’s content.
  4. Every post will still be here (side note: I can’t change my Facebook username. They trife).

I am also reconstructing my YouTube Channel. The name will change and the videos will go to private (I really need a fresh start from the tube) except the new video that I upload which I will post about on here for those who do not see this post. The video will show the reason why I wanted to reconstruct my YouTube as well.

Anyway, once all that is done flash fictions will return and so will other things! Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford to get an owned url. Ha.

See you soon!

Tiara “Kikyo” Giles

Animator or Painter’s Resume?

So my teacher asked us to create a resume. A resume fancy enough for artists. I completely missed that class. I ended up with a really bad case of depression and just wasn’t able to function so I had to stay in my dorm (I’ve been battling symptoms of depression for a while now. But I’m getting much better). But even though I missed the class making a resume did not seem very hard, especially since my resume for college is completely blank. I’ve never had a real job. The jobs I did were more like jobs a teen child would do for an allowance or to help out the family while at work. I didn’t get the chance to join any activities until my senior year in high school.  I’ve been turned down for a lot of the jobs that I applied for in college. I applied for a bunch of regular jobs and now I’m trying to apply for jobs in my field of interest. Like maybe a writing job, or a music job, or some sort of art job. 

But I really REALLY want to be an animator and a screenwriter in the future. So much so that I’ve been saving (for years) to buy ToonBoom Animate/ Studio (i love what I’ve seen so far) or at least upgrade from Anime Studio Pro 7 to Anime Studio Pro 9 and see if I like it.  Maybe I’ll invest in a program as cool as AutoDesk Maya. I’m also saving up for Final Draft 9 when that comes out and right now I’ve been using this writing software called Celtx.

I am also currently planning to emphasize in painting here at Mississippi State University since they do not have animation or dramatic writing courses and I’m not at all good at technical things like Graphic Design. So, I searched for resumes along those lines. 

Here are some examples: 

The first one is kind of boring to me and I was hoping to see some really artsy ones:


So, I had to scavenge for ones with creativity 


This guy is one of my favorite screenwriters. He wrote teenage mutant ninja turtles and other really cool scripts. I learn a great deal about writing for animation from him.

Okay this one has nothing to do with my future career goals but it’s Kyle Hebert . . . the voice of Gohan from Dragon Ball! I met him in person and we chatted and I got two hugs and ate those weird japanese candy treats before I realized it was THE VOICE OF GOHAN!

Well that is all for now. My resume is not going to be fancy right now but hopefully I can get some work experience in and some other experiences. 

Seemless Pattern



I dont really care for this or understand the gist of project but it’s okay. I might figure it out at the last minute. We’re supposed to do a self portrait and this is just like practice but I don’t really get it. I’m not even sure if I like photoshop. I realized that I like illustrator a lot more right now. It’s more my style I guess. But personally I’m just itching to do some animation stuff but I know I won’t get that chance here. Unless I magically find some money. Anyway here’s the start of another project.

American Gods Final

American Gods Final

So in the final I decided to ask one of my guy friends to pose as twins for me in hopes that the image will tell the story of the tension between the twins. As you can see one of the twiins (the twin in the red) is trying to do something terrible to the sleeping twin. In the real story of Taebyeol and Sobyeol, Sobyeol switched plants while Taebyeol was asleep in order to prevent himself from ruling the underworld. I altered it a bit to depict current times. Hopefully I did well. Let me know what you think. ^_^

Treasure Hunt

Type Shortcuts for:
1. For example: Open = Cmd (also known as apple) + O
2. Copy = Cmd + C
3. Paste = Cmd + V
4. Cut = Cmd + X
5. Undo = Cmd + Z
6. Select All = Cmd + A
7. Quit = Cmd + Q
8. Close Windows = Cmd + W
9. How do you Quickly Switch from One Application to the Other? Cmd + Tab
10. How do you take a Full Screenshot? Cmd + Shift + 3