Well It’s Been a Minute…

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I have posted on here. Well, at least it feels like it’s been a while. I graduated and then went into visit friends before they move mode and hibernation mode. I slept . . . a lot. Oh look photos . . .

Anyway, I have decided that this blog is going to go under construction for a few days (maybe longer if I slip back into hibernation). The reason are:

  1. People call me Kikyo but no one in real life or online calls me KikyoHatake so I want to change to Tiara Kikyo Giles. It’s already how you find me on twitter and instagram so why not? (YouTube will also be changed to this)
  2. I someday hope to publish and/or create television shows (like a K-drama maybe? Yeah. That’s a dream. Haha) so KikyoHatake isn’t what I would want people to call me. Either Tiara, Tiara Kikyo, Tiara Kikyo Giles, or Tiara Giles but not kikyoHatake.
  3. The name change also feels like it can help broaden my blog and YouTube channel’s content.
  4. Every post will still be here (side note: I can’t change my Facebook username. They trife).

I am also reconstructing my YouTube Channel. The name will change and the videos will go to private (I really need a fresh start from the tube) except the new video that I upload which I will post about on here for those who do not see this post. The video will show the reason why I wanted to reconstruct my YouTube as well.

Anyway, once all that is done flash fictions will return and so will other things! Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford to get an owned url. Ha.

See you soon!

Tiara “Kikyo” Giles


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