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Hi everyone!

My friend Nicohle Christopherson tagged me in a Writing Habits Blogger Tag. I haven’t participated in a tag since I paid attention to Tumblr and did a tag on YouTube (the video is hidden so you won’t be able to see it). . . that was a long time ago.

Anyway! So here we go!

Where do you go write and what does it look like?

Honestly, with how often I move around. I write anywhere I can take my laptop with me. If I’m chilling at a coffee shop . . . I write. When I was a college student and worked in the library, I’d write while helping students. If I’m at a friends house and everyone is just chilling, I write. If I’m at the place I call home, I write. I’ll write on a road trip if I have to (I did that before when I was on the last two chapters of my first book – currently being edited – my boyfriend was confused haha). I’ll write anywhere.

Snacks or drinks?

Both but mostly drinks cause I’ll remember to hydrate myself long before I remember to feed myself when I’m writing. It’s a problem I know. I get really wrapped up, but I just put some Korean ramen on the stove.

Do you like to write with noise or in total silence?

Mostly noise, but if I’m stuck I’ll write in silence until I get unstuck. It’s a study habit I picked up while in college where if I know my material well enough, I’ll study with music. If I don’t know my material enough, I’ll study without music because music and other noises will immediately become distractions.

Paper or computer?

Computer. I used to write with paper all the time in high school but I’ve come to a point where my mind is faster than my fingers and the computer is the closest way to catch up with the speed of my thoughts. Writing on paper now is kind of a “Oh I can’t bring my laptop. Okay. *brings notebook*”

what do you do before you start to write?

A number of things. Nothing is steady and I should probably go for a steady routine. I always take my birth control in the morning (yes. I’m very open about contraception.) and drink a glass of water. Other than that, it changes depending on part-time jobs and what not.

What time of day do you like to write?

I write the best at night.

what distracts you from writing?

I love my friends but sometimes I struggle to say no and I forget to treat my writing like a real job because it will be one day.

Anxiety can distract me from writing.

Being around people who are too noisy can distract me. Social media can distract me.

YouTube can distract me.

anything to help set the mood?

GOOD ASS MUSIC. Like I need to get pumped up and then I need to simmer down and then I’m ready.

are you a plotter or pantser?

I’m more of a pantser than a plotter but I’ll plot when I need to be.

Any other weird habits?

Is fussing at your characters weird? I heard most authors do that? I daydream about them sometimes. I heard that was normal too. I brainstorm with my boyfriend and sometimes ask him to respond to certain things to see if it’s natural dialogue. I guess I’m not weird lol.


That’s it for my writing habits! I don’t have a lot of blogger friends so . . . I’ll just tag one person, Amanda Seigreist and see how it goes.

Until next time,

Tiara “Kikyo” Hatake


My Focus is Way Off

So there are a few things I’m trying to do for these next six months that I’m still in small town Mississippi.

  1. Study Korean for at least an hour a day so I’m not extremely lost when I finally move over there.
  2. Finish writing book two in the series I’m working on.
  3. Get book one edited and beta read for one last round.
  4. Send my FBI CRC to get apostilled for EPIK. (It’s still raining like a waterfall here and I’m not in the mood to re-print that app if it gets wet so I have to act smart)

It’s only a few things right? Pretty simple, right?

I would say so myself but for some reason I can’t focus on the simplest of tasks. Maybe a part of me is still depressed and still emotionally drained from all of the anxiety and stress I went through this summer. I know I’m still worried about life falling from under me again. Maybe that’s it. I don’t know but I definitely need to re-route my focus.

I’m reading a book on writing romance and it’s helping me a lot with focusing. I even finished a novel I had intended to read. Baby steps. I’m also due for some serious self care and I mean serious self care.

I’m not here to give you tips on how to stay focused because I suck at it myself and as a recent college grad, I have yet to figure that out. However, I can tell you that when you’re extremely depressed and drained to not neglect yourself. Self-care is really important and maybe that will help with regaining focus. Find a self-care buddy too.

Until next time,

Tiara “Kikyo” Giles

|Cover & Excerpt Reveal| The Learning Hours by Sara Ney

I’m interested!

Southern Bred & Read

He?s not a douchebag;

but that doesn?t stop his friends from

turning him into one.


So much so that they plastered my ugly mug all over campus, in bold printed letters:

Are you the lucky lady who?s going to break our roommate?s cherry?

Him: socially awkward man with average-sized penis looking for willing sexual partner. You: must have pulse. Text him at: 555-254-5551

The morons can?t even spell. And the texts I?ve been receiving are what wet dreams are made of. But I?m not like these douchebags, no matter how hard they try to turn me into one.


One text stands out from hundreds. One number I can?t bring myself to block. She seems different. Hotter, even in black and white.

However, after seeing her in person, I know she?s not the girl for…

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Fighting Fears

It took me a minute to figure out how to express what I’m thinking and feeling in this post. I have a tendency to struggle with writing exactly how I feel because I worry if I’m using the right words, but I’m going to try anyway.

I am afraid.

I am afraid of failure. I am afraid of becoming nothing. I am afraid of spending the rest of my life working at jobs I hate because I gave up on my goals and dreams. I’m afraid of getting stuck. I’m afraid to give up on my goals and dreams. I’m afraid of not trying or not having the ability to try.

I’ve been through a lot and I’m aware that others have been through much more and much worse. What I’ve been through has made me wonder if failure and sitting here stuck with nothing to do and no where to go is what I’m meant to do. Am I meant to just give up on dreams and goals like a few people I grew up around? Am I meant to depend on others and not do for myself?

For a minute anxiety took over and these feelings sunk in so deep that it lodged me to my bed. My former roommates cat came into my room and sat on my bed until I moved. My boyfriend had to force me to eat and my other former roommate made tea later that day. I was becoming sick from sadness. Sick from feeling like my life lacked purpose.

However, today, I realized something. Although right now I feel like giving up and just sitting here until things maybe pass by . . . I won’t do it. I shouldn’t. I realized the fear of not trying was stronger than my fear of failure. I want to at least try and get past obstacles and fight for my goals.

You all should too. Anxiety maybe strong right now and you may need a support system but you’ve got to at least try. Try hard and do everything to the best of your ability. If the first steps just means getting out of bed and brushing your teeth, then you did it.

Now keep going.  If you fall backwards a couple of times. It’s okay. That’s apart of fighting anxiety. If you feel like life isn’t real (or a sense of derealization), that’s okay. Keep fighting. Keep trying. Take one step at a time.

Until next time,

Tiara “Kikyo” Giles

P.S. I’m not sure if any of this made sense.


The Road to Korea – What’s Next?

At the end of my previous post I got wait-listed. The news was very devastating and I cried. A lot. After the tears stopped I emailed my recruiter about what to do next. I could wait for spring intake and the only thing I would have to update is my application and my FBI CRC (Criminal Record Check). Or I could try other public school programs that had availability left and even hagwons (Korean private schools – the more complicated route). Sigh.

I decided to wait for Spring Intake.

The idea of trying to find and secure a position in Korea in less than month was stressful. My finances aren’t where I would like them to be (even after the donation help, but the timeline I posted here will show why). I have to move out of my apartment at the end of this month and I might be out of wi-fi at my house for a couple of months. Most interviews in Korea will take place between 7am and 5pm in Korea which would make it 7pm-5am central time in America. Not very ideal when you don’t have internet.

Waiting just ended up being the best option. It sucks but it’s not actually that bad. The school year in Korea begins in the Spring and the process will be different for those wait-listed. So if you have to wait don’t worry. I’m right there with you.

In the meantime, I’ll find part time work, practice my Korean (maybe I’ll become fluent!), help out with my sorority, and write a lot. I have already sent my recruiter my updated application and after he reviews it and sends it off to EPIK (the spring process officially begins August 1st) another timeline will begin!

Until next time,

Tiara “Kikyo” Giles


The Road to Korea – A Timeline

Hey everyone! It’s been a while!

I had been contemplating for about a month over what to write about next on my blog and also what to upload next on my YouTube Channel. I had honestly been contemplating talking about what I was up to over the summer but I was hesitant about telling you all.

However, I decided to go on ahead and talk about it here but not on my Facebook page. I’ll discuss it on YouTube later once I am able to focus and settle my mind down.

I applied to teach English in South Korea in March through Korvia Consulting (a recruiting agency). I wanted to face some fears, learn to get out of my comfort zone, and try new things. Why not apply to teach overseas?

But here is a brief timeline to show you where I am at in the process.

Somewhere Mid-June of 2016: I apply for my passport. I had been planning to travel to Korea for a long time but seemed to not have the money. This time I at least had the funds for a passport. The process was a little daunting since they thought there was something wrong with my ID and requested further forms of identification. My ID was fine. I just happened to be 22 with a leaner’s permit. I know. I know. I wrote about it here.

8/24/2016: My sorority sister sends me an email suggesting I try teaching English in South Korea. She stated a few other sorority sisters in the past had applied and got accepted to EPIK and loved the experience.

8/25/2016: My passport arrives!!! I also reach out to one of the sorority sisters that taught with EPIK. I don’t ask about living or teaching. I just ask about traveling to Korea, what cities to go visit, the food, the culture and so on.

September 2016 (I don’t remember the exact date): I began to research teaching English in South Korea and the various ways you can go about doing so. You can try teaching privately through a recruiter or finding a Hagwon (Korean private school) directly that has a job opening, or you can apply to teach publicly through programs such as EPIK, GEPIK, GOE and so on. You can also apply for public schools through a recruiter.

9/30/2016: I ask my sorority sisters about their experiences teaching in Korea for further research.

Sometime in October: The process freaks me out and I decide to hold off on it. I began to wonder if this would be right for me and if this was something I really wanted.

11/13/2016: I decided to look back into teaching in Korea and called my sorority sister that had recently moved back to America.

3/10/2017: I research a few recruiters vs. applying to EPIK directly, Hagwons and other programs.

3/15/2017: I apply to Korvia Consulting and open a GoFundMe Campaign. I had some financial hardships so I needed a little help preparing for Korea since it is recommended to set aside $1000 for the plane ticket and a minimum of $1000 to help with getting settled. I was honestly surprised at the amount of help I was getting with the GoFundMe. However, the goal only reached halfway but help still trickled in through other avenues.

3/17/2017: I am invited to have an initial interview with Korvia Consulting.

3/21/2017: My interview takes place at 11:30 pm CST over Skype which is 1:30pm KST March 22nd in Korea. I receive an email shortly after the interview stating that I passed. My recruiter had suggested that I apply for EPIK and that he and the rest of Korvia would assist me with the process.

3/30/2017: After I had begun to gather all of my initial documents for EPIK, I sent in my application.

4/4/2017: My recruiter requests revisions to my EPIK application.

4/6/2017: Revisions are completed and sent to Korvia Consulting.

4/7/2017: WAITING GAME #1. Korvia has sent my revised application to EPIK. This is the first long wait in the EPIK process since you will be waiting for EPIK to request to have an interview with you. If you are still in school you are in luck because you have classes, final exams, and graduation to distract you. If you have a job, you have work to distract you while you wait. I was also completing my TEFL course at this time so I had plenty on my plate to distract me.

5/6/2017: I graduate from Mississippi State University and I have joined the Korvia EPIK Facebook to get as much information as I can on the process while I continue to await my interview with EPIK.

5/17/2017: EPIK scheduled an interview with me for May 23rd my time.

5/18/2017 (or around there): I find out a sorority sister of mine also applied for EPIK. However, she has applied directly through EPIK and had already passed her interview with EPIK.

5/23/2017: EPIK interview went well with requests for more revisions to my application (specifically the lesson plan and a new recommendation letter).

5/29/2017: I PASSED!!!! However, the email points out that passing the interview doesn’t secure me a place with EPIK nor does it secure my preferred location. The reason for this depends on how soon you get your documents in the EPIK for approval. Once EPIK approves your final documents they will recommend you to a school who will then send you a contract upon acceptance. Thus, making you official with EPIK.

5/30/2017: After seeking advice on how to revise my lesson plan for the application I send in my updated application. At this time I have all final documents for EPIK except my apostilled FBI background check, which USPS had lost in the mail just before I received the news of passing.

6/12/2017: Final documents sent to Korvia Consulting. WAITING GAME #2. The worlds longest waiting game. You’re warned about it. You think you’re prepared, but you’re not. Excitement and nerves are at its highest. I join the EPIK Fall 2017 Facebook group.

6/16/2017: Korvia Consulting has received, reviewed, and sent my final documents to EPIK HQ that same day. However, another error had been noted on my letter of recommendation. I contact my professor that same day to get it fixed. Placements begin to roll out on the EPIK Facebook group. I begin to feel excited and stressed all at the same time.

6/20/2017: I received my updated recommendation letter and mail it to Korvia Consulting. I join a Kakao Talk group with other people from Korvia waiting to hear back about placement.

6/23/2017: Korvia receives my updated recommendation letter and gives it to EPIK HQ the same day. More placements roll out on the Facebook group. My stress continues but it hasn’t been a month yet so I am okay.

6/28/2017: THE SCARE. During this waiting game we get a scare thinking that we all had been waitlisted and EPIK stopped giving out placements. However, it was a misinterpretation of an email a recruiter received from EPIK that discussed the deadline for receiving final documents. Placements would continue to be given.

7/6/2017: EPIK Coordinator posts to the group that they would be rolling out online pre-orientation on the 17th of July. I begin to worry, but I had not been waiting for a month yet.

7/13/2017: At this point, I’m so nervous that I break down and email my recruiter. I hadn’t heard from him since I sent him my updated LoR and my sorority sister had just received her placement. I was beginning to worry again when I had finally become calm for two days prior to emailing him. He responded thirty minutes after I emailed him informing that I was still getting placed. I wasn’t sure if that meant I was being recommended but I hoped that was so.

7/18/2017: Devastating News: I got wait-listed and my application is pushed back for Spring 2018 with EPIK. I am now thinking of what to do and have emailed my recruiter to discuss being wait-listed and other options with him. I also email professors about acquiring updated rec letters.

Important Note: If you don’t get placed in time for fall orientation you get wait listed. This means that if someone quits, loses their job, or does not show up for orientation you will be called in to work. If you are not placed for late intake you will be put down as priority for the spring intake. (Same goes for those who apply in spring and don’t get placed) There is also still a chance of getting cut while waiting for placement but that’s extremely rare.

I’ll update this timeline as more things happen!

Until next time,

Tiara “Kikyo” Giles









Flash Fiction #8!

Hey everyone! Before I jump into this Flash Fiction I just want to point out something. The characters in this flash are a part of a light novel/cartoon that I’ve been working on since 2006 and took a break on in 2015 because I needed to do some world building. I will only use nicknames and I may use this scene if I like it enough haha.

On to the flash!!!


Prompt: Better the devil, you know.

“Tae!” Fuu ran as fast as she could. Chunks of ceiling falling everywhere around her. She needed to find Tae and get them out of there or they would both die.

They wouldn’t be in this bind if it weren’t for Tae’s love sick sister. She could have just waited one more stupid hour before running off in the middle of the night like that. They still would be in danger but at least a caving building in the sky wouldn’t be the cause.

Fuu heard a moan to her left and leapt across the splitting floor. The moan grew louder and came from the rubble below her.

“God dammit.”

She lifted and threw the rubble aside revealing her blonde-haired, idiot partner covered in dirt. One eye popped open while the other was swollen shut. A bright smile spread across his face.

“Hello beautiful.” He pushed himself upright and his hand out. Fuu took it and helped him stand.

“I guess that means you’re okay?” She said, her voice softer this time as he brushed himself off.

“Yep. Surprised you didn’t leave me.”

“Better the devil, you know?” She shrugged before sprinting ahead of him. He blinked at the comment and laughed before following after her.


This feels kind of lame. Haha. Tell me what you think.


Until next time,

Tiara “Kikyo” Giles