I am so tired . . . NEW VIDEO ha!

Hi everyone!

I am really tired right now. Probably because I haven’t been doing much moving lately. Just sitting in the house. Trying to be productive. While dying of boredom.

But anyway, I have finally uploaded a video after a while of not uploading any content. I hope that I can be more brave this time and just upload what I want and upload things that help me get out of my comfort zone. I am also trying to find out who I am and through reading this blog and watching my channel you’ll be right there in the same boat with me. I forgot to mention that in this video but I might upload another video where I talk about that if you all think that’s cool.

Here’s the video!

I’ll post a new flash fiction next week!

Until next time,

Tiara “Kikyo” Giles


Well It’s Been a Minute…

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I have posted on here. Well, at least it feels like it’s been a while. I graduated and then went into visit friends before they move mode and hibernation mode. I slept . . . a lot. Oh look photos . . .

Anyway, I have decided that this blog is going to go under construction for a few days (maybe longer if I slip back into hibernation). The reason are:

  1. People call me Kikyo but no one in real life or online calls me KikyoHatake so I want to change to Tiara Kikyo Giles. It’s already how you find me on twitter and instagram so why not? (YouTube will also be changed to this)
  2. I someday hope to publish and/or create television shows (like a K-drama maybe? Yeah. That’s a dream. Haha) so KikyoHatake isn’t what I would want people to call me. Either Tiara, Tiara Kikyo, Tiara Kikyo Giles, or Tiara Giles but not kikyoHatake.
  3. The name change also feels like it can help broaden my blog and YouTube channel’s content.
  4. Every post will still be here (side note: I can’t change my Facebook username. They trife).

I am also reconstructing my YouTube Channel. The name will change and the videos will go to private (I really need a fresh start from the tube) except the new video that I upload which I will post about on here for those who do not see this post. The video will show the reason why I wanted to reconstruct my YouTube as well.

Anyway, once all that is done flash fictions will return and so will other things! Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford to get an owned url. Ha.

See you soon!

Tiara “Kikyo” Giles

Social Media Scares Me

I’m a Communications with a concentration in Broadcasting major. We’re supposed to love social media and be good at social media. I am neither of those. I’ve seen what saying too much does to people and how it helps people get jobs or ruin their chances of getting a job.

I want to be good at social media but I don’t want social media to kill me. I already struggled with my YouTube channel. I was getting upset because no one commented. No one seemed to support the channel no matter how much I shared my videos on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I was worried about not making money and not being good enough. I wanted to upload high quality videos as much as possible and was angry that my “as much as possible” was less than a week as soon as school began again. My problem was that I wanted to be like the other YouTubers. I wanted to grow as fast as iiSuperwomanii did. I wanted to make money and be able to support myself as soon as I graduated college so I wasn’t a failure to myself and to other people. Instagram makes me nervous. I’m not a fan of taking selfies. I prefer pictures of other things. Selfies get you followers right? I didn’t even want to try twitter and Facebook is a complete flop.

That’s what social media did to me when I allowed the stupid parts of social media to sink in. I’ve seen it tear apart people like Simplynessa15 and others.

If social media is supposed to help you get a job, why is it so scary? Why does it hurt so much? Of course it does help people. It helps Tyler Oakley every year with the Trevor Project.

Blogging is the only thing I’m okay with doing nowadays. I would like to go back to YouTube but maybe as the writer of a story that someone animates (I have this cartoon idea that I’ve been dying to do for a while but I’m holding off on it)?

Anyway, I’m just babbling.

Until next time,

Tiara “KikyoHatake” Giles

I Forgot to Upload Today

I thought about uploading once today. I thought, “Okay, so, when I get home after my check up I’ll write a post about blah blah blah since it’s been on my mind” and then I ended up going to this store called Dirt Cheap and then I got food and now I’m watching friends play Ark. So yeah…definitely forgot.

However! I will instead just save what I had for today and post it for tomorrow. Also! I finished draft two of a book I am working on. I decided to beta read for people and then too many people asked and I just didn’t have time to beta read. Then finals ended and I had to work for ten plus hours a day since last Tuesday and I was just too tired to beta read. I slept a lot. Now, I’m just writing a short story to take a break from my draft and watching a video that SimplyNessa15 posted. She’s talking about saying goodbye to social media for a while and the effect it’s had on her. Maybe I’ll post about social media tomorrow. Social media scares me a bit.

Anyway, goodnight!

Tiara “KikyoHatake” Giles