The Road to Korea – A New Timeline

Hey everyone! A new timeline is here for my continued attempts to teach and travel to South Korea. I’m not giving up! I have color coded all of the important portions of the spring process for those wait-listed.

7/18/2017: I get wait-listed to Spring 2018 Intake with EPIK

7/19/2017: My recruiter sends me the Spring 2018 application so I can update my Fall application information. I email him my updated application shortly after. 

7/29/2017: My recruiter receives my Spring 2018 application and begins reviewing it before sending the application to EPIK.

8/1/2017: Spring Intake begins. 

8/3/2017: Requested an updated FBI background check from a nearby channeler. 

8/9/2017: Received FBI CRC (It probably came earlier but I didn’t get an email update. I had to log back in again to see it). 

8/10/2017: Emailed recruiter for an update on my Spring Application. I have not heard if there were any application issues or if EPIK received it in over two weeks.

8/30/2017: I receive an email from Korvia about EPIK having a few late intake spots open for September and October. I respond immediately about my interest in the October late intake. However, I saw that two girls in the Facebook group got positions for the September and October late intakes. So I assumed I would still be waiting for Spring Intake.

9/1/2017: EPIK receives my updated application for Spring Intake. I was told since I was wait listed for Spring that I will be skipping the interview process and going straight to resubmitting the spring application and apostilled FBI CRC in the mail and then to placement. 

9/1/2017: Finally requested an apostille for my FBI CRC through the channeler US Authentication. 



This is the city I originally wanted as well. I couldn’t believe it! I still can’t believe it! I’m actually going to Korea! Wow!!! My recruiter messaged me on Skype before I got the official email and I was super excited then I got the official email and almost cried tears of joy. 

9/11/2017: NOA and Contract is mailed to me through DHL.

9/12/2017: I get the EPIK Pre-Orientation email but I found it in the spam folder. 

9/13/2017: I receive my NOA and Contract from DHL.

9/14/2017: I finish EPIK Pre-Orientation

9/15/2017: Mailed Visa Application to the Houston Consulate and application for form 8802 to the IRS. 

9/18/2017: Visa Application is delivered to the Houston Consulate. I am waiting to get notified about when they will begin processing my application. You can check to see when they will be processing at your consulates ‘check your application status’ page. 

9/25/2017: I GOT MY VISA. Now to get that flight booked! 

Until next time,

Tiara Kikyo Giles


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