I’m Back! (Mostly)

Hello! Is anyone still here? *turns on flashlight; tears down cobwebs*

Oh! There you are? What are you doing sitting in the dark? Well, get up. You’ve got dust all over you.

How is everyone? It’s been like a year (literally) since I have made a post. I guess I have to update you all. Let me make this quick and painless then.

  1. I bought a new car right before final exams. Do I have pictures? No. I don’t know why I don’t. It’s a 1990 Honda CRX. Yes, it’s another semi sporty car. Technically people use it for drag racing. I am not one of those people. And no, I still have my permit but I’m working out a schedule to practice more and get my license before I graduate.
  2. I spent Christmas with my boyfriends family. It was nice. His mom made me emotional cause she was so nice and I’ve been using the pen she gave me for all kinds of writing.
  3. I worked overtime for a seasonal job and hurt my right knee (I hurt my left foot on Monday. I don’t know how). I’m still recovering.
  4. As long as I keep up the good grades I’ll be graduating in May.
  5. I revived my YouTube channel but my way. I post whenever I remember to or feel like it.
  6. I went to Kami-Con 2017 and met Rick Farmiloe! He’s an animator for those of you don’t know. Think of all of the sidekicks from every Disney movie.

Kami-Con 2017 Video

Meeting Rick Farmiloe


  1. I’m still working on my book. I’m on another draft. I think this is third. I don’t remember.

I think that’s it. Yep.

I’ll be writing small fiction tid bits coming up because I joined this really friendly Romance Writers & Readers. They put out a new prompt each week and if you choose you can write it and post it on your blog. So be prepared for that by Sunday!

Anyway, see you later! I suck at the picture part of blogging. Haha.

Tiara “KikyoHatake” Giles


16 Things I Learned in 2016

  1. Don’t put up with crappy people. You’ll end up caring way more about them then they do you.
  2. It’s okay to take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself doesn’t make you selfish.
  3. I learned what makes a real friend.
  4. A real friend is someone’s who there for you during a tough time (such as losing three family members in less than a month). They aren’t selfish. They realize you need a shoulder to cry on and you would do the same for them.
  5. Try to go after what you are interested in. Hearing “no” isn’t as bad as you think.
  6. I have insecurities that I didn’t know I had before. Like how I look on camera.
  7. If you’re roommates are crappy it’s fine. You pay rent. You deserve to enjoy living in your place as much as they do.
  8. Sometimes bad people (this includes family and long time friends) won’t get better. A lot of times they don’t want to get better. Sometimes they think they are perfectly fine. Don’t stress yourself out trying to help them get better if they don’t want to. You don’t have to put up with it.
  9. I like fashion a lot but I’m also broke so….yay!
  10. How to save money in my own way.
  11. Just because someone’s life looks good on Instagram or Facebook doesn’t mean yours sucks.
  12. Not all careers are quick financial fixes and if this is what you want to do, you gotta accept that fact and do what you gotta do to get where you want to be.
  13. Just because you’re not graduating “on time” doesn’t mean you’re a failure.
  14. Accept healthy criticism. Healthy criticism helps you grow and gives you a stronger back bone.
  15. College isn’t for everybody but I realized that too late so I need to finish where I started.
  16. New Years resolutions work better if I don’t tell anyone about them.

Until next time,

Tiara “KikyoHatake” Giles

Mind Games

Hey everyone. Welcome to my blog where I upload sporadically based off of the time I have in college to do non college things.

Currently, I am sick. I don’t know of what but it feels like a cold or maybe something more than a cold. I am not sure but it’s annoying enough for me to have to call off from work (not like I actually worked long enough anyway. I only work 8 hours a week . . . when I’m lucky). I woke up in the middle of the night around maybe who knows when and I started thinking about every possible failure that could happen and everything that has gone wrong this year. I woke up with some form of an anxiety attack and I just couldn’t return to sleep.

All I could do was sneeze, cough, sniff, and cry. Sometimes my mind does this. It picks the worst times to come in and attack me. I had to wake up my boyfriend and he helped me go back to sleep. Then I tried to go to work twenty minutes before I started writing this and failed.

It’s okay though. My body has been needing rest for weeks and I have been pushing it farther than it can go. My body has been trying to shut down for a minute (last week especially. I couldn’t stay awake for the life of me). I have been stressing about all of the exams I’ve had this month and all of the projects I’ve had for class. I have an exam next  week and another the week after and so on. I have a project due in November as well.

I guess, I wasn’t prepared for how busy my last year in college would end up being. Trying to balance sleep, homework, work, and friends is a lot harder than it used to be. I really want to graduate. I came this far (and realized that college wasn’t meant for me). I’m at home stretch so I might as well finish.

In the meantime, if you feel overworked and tired all the time maybe you need some hours to chill and recuperate.

Until next time,

Tiara “KikyoHatake” Giles


Midterms Suck

You know what sucks as equally as midterms? Having to sit through the Presidential Debates. You know what sucks more than that? Having to sit through it for homework.

Anyway, this is not a post about the debate (thank God – that was a trainwreck). Instead, this is another “I’m sorry I haven’t been posting” (like anyone has actually noticed haha) thing. I’m also writing this on my phone so I apologize for typos.

Midterm season is upon us at my school. I’ve had at least two major exams (really hard) so far. I passed one with flying colors and bombed the other. I have another one today and I’ve had two back to back projects (project 2 still not done), and two papers since my last post.

My boyfriend’s family should be in town at some point today, I have another midterm today and Korean (If you ever read this Yeseul I apologize. I didn’t study over fall break) and I have to spend five hours at the school’s TV center for class tomorrow.

I have so many things to talk about but these midterms are kicking my butt. I even had to stop working on a personal project.

It’s okay. I can do a recap of all the mess that went down in October. There may not be cool pictures. I didn’t have time for that either. Haha.

Anyway, hope to see you soon!

Tiara “Kikyohatake” Giles


Feeling Lost

Right now as I am writing this my stomach is literally hurting from the anxiety I had put myself through today. I’ve tried really hard to just stay calm. Take deep breaths. To stop myself from researching so much about the very thing that’s stressing me out. Continue reading

Classmate Delimma

So did I mention to you guys that I had an unsavory living experience in my first apartment? No. Well I did. I moved in with a bunch of my friends that I had known for years and assumed that because I known them for years I could trust them. The funny thing about that is that after I moved in with them everyone asked me “Why did you move in with your friends? You know that ruins friendships right?”

I didn’t take them seriously but they were right. Moving in with your friends – I don’t mean best friends – but moving in with friends that you’ve known for years but don’t really know can become a problem.

I’m not going to go into full detail right now because thinking about it just gives me anxiety. However, I will let you know the gist. My roommates knew I had allergies. One of them continued to create an environment that was unsafe for me by bringing the thing that I was allergic to around me. I asked her to not bring it around me. She didn’t listen and expected me to constantly confront her (the last time I tried to confront her, her really aggressive friend was there and at that time I was extremely passive and I didn’t want to have to get into a fight or an argument over my allergies).

I didn’t put up with it and eventually I moved out even though I couldn’t get out of my lease or transferred to a safer environment.

Now, I have a class with her this evening. I am not excited about it but I will avoid her and treat her like she doesn’t exist.

We will see how this goes


Tiara “KikyoHatake” Giles