My Books and Writing!



Currently in the third round of editing my first book. I’ll probably do a call for beta readers soon and then jump on the publishing process.


Okay. So! I am apart of a romance group on Goodreads that is connected to a blog called Love Indie Romance. Each week they post a new prompt suggested by one of the group members and you have to write with those words in your flash fiction (a single scene). It’s a really good way to get your creative juices flowing. These are mine so far!

“Shoving the Gun in His Bloodied Mouth”

“But Remember, Just for Tonight”


“Who Knew Tears Could Burn”

“I Can’t” 

“One Kiss, as Soft as a Sigh”

“I Love Crazy”

“Better the Devil, You Know”


Real Friends Pt. 1

Real Friends Pt. 2

It was okay. That’s all I have to say. I didn’t even edit to be honest. I was just mad at folks haha *sighs*.


Best Friends for Life Not The Official

So you noticed the strange title? Yeah me too. I was like 15 when I wrote this bad boy. Very cheesy. Extremely cliche. Obviously from the the mind of a 15 year old story about a teenage girl and her best friend reuniting after his return from Spain. *laughs* Good times. I’m still surprised this was my most read book (did not pass the Bechtel test).


My God! This is extremely cringe worthy and also from 10th grade when I was 15. I wrote a lot at that age. Had a lot of free time. I don’t what this was about. Do ya’ll even know?

And now for the incomplete works . . .

The Mysterious Knock

This was the first fantasy story that I decided to post. I wrote plenty of others but I liked this one the most. However, I never finished it. Like never. I temporarily lost it and then I found it. I don’t consider this cringe worthy.

Ti Voglio Bene

I really liked this one. Like you don’t understand. It was my favorite in high school. I think I wrote this my senior year in high school? I don’t remember. It has a date. I finished a full manuscript for this and it’s sitting on my bookshelf all nice and battered up. I never posted the rest of the chapters because I one day hoped to do a full edit of the story and maybe publish it one day despite it having A LOT OF ERRORS.

I’m not going to post the poetry. It’s really cringe worthy.

I used to have a Fan Fiction Page. I mean it’s still there but I deleted all of the stories. They were weird anyway.