Flash Fiction: After A Long Time

Hi everyone! I have a new flash fiction! Yay!

After five centuries of not posting a flash fiction and wallowing in my own sadness I have decided to make myself write a flash fiction! (Happy way of saying that I’ve been too depressed to do anything I enjoyed doing other than maybe hanging out with friends).

Without further ado!

Flash Fiction #9: Two coffees and a straw


I had a blind date. Ugh. I was only twenty six. I didn’t need to have blind dates. However, I was pretty bad at picking men. Maybe my friends were right about me needing a blind date. But what if he’s skeevy? What if he’s a serial killer? I don’t want to date a serial killer? Do you know much energy I’d have to put to not be killed by my lover? Yeah. No.

I checked my face in the mirror, making sure to rid myself of all eye and nose boogers. I didn’t want to be completely gross. I stepped out of my car, straightened my black pencil skirt, and headed into the coffee shop.

Do serial killers drink coffee?

I stopped at the front entrance and took a look around the cafe. My best friend said he would make it before me. There were a few rows of tables, with people seated. A lot of fake plants and the cash registers were placed in the middle of the building. I was supposed to look for a man sitting by himself with two coffees and a straw.

I spotted him sitting by a large window in the back of the coffee shop and sighed. “Oh.” He was really cute. He had on glasses, a strong jawline, and nice wispy dark curls. I bet if I touched those curls they’d feel like velvet. I didn’t touch curls though. I walked towards him and his eyes turned in my direction. They lit with curiosity and my nerves began to kick in.

What was his name, again? Bob? Bill? He didn’t look like a Bill? He looked way too pretty to be a Bill? Maybe a Henry? Or an Aiden. Aiden was sexy. Oh my god is he checking me out? I still don’t remember his name.

“Hi.” I stuck out my hand and put on my brightest smile. “I’m Jan. You must be Serial Killer Aiden?”

His eyes widened and the color on his face drained. I wanted to kick myself. Maybe drag myself out of the building. Yeah that seemed like a good idea.

That’s it for now!

Until next time,

Tiara “Kikyo” Giles

P.S. Check out my my books and writings tab to see more flash fiction and things I have written!


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