Blogger Tag: Writing Habits

Hi everyone!

My friend Nicohle Christopherson tagged me in a Writing Habits Blogger Tag. I haven’t participated in a tag since I paid attention to Tumblr and did a tag on YouTube (the video is hidden so you won’t be able to see it). . . that was a long time ago.

Anyway! So here we go!

Where do you go write and what does it look like?

Honestly, with how often I move around. I write anywhere I can take my laptop with me. If I’m chilling at a coffee shop . . . I write. When I was a college student and worked in the library, I’d write while helping students. If I’m at a friends house and everyone is just chilling, I write. If I’m at the place I call home, I write. I’ll write on a road trip if I have to (I did that before when I was on the last two chapters of my first book – currently being edited – my boyfriend was confused haha). I’ll write anywhere.

Snacks or drinks?

Both but mostly drinks cause I’ll remember to hydrate myself long before I remember to feed myself when I’m writing. It’s a problem I know. I get really wrapped up, but I just put some Korean ramen on the stove.

Do you like to write with noise or in total silence?

Mostly noise, but if I’m stuck I’ll write in silence until I get unstuck. It’s a study habit I picked up while in college where if I know my material well enough, I’ll study with music. If I don’t know my material enough, I’ll study without music because music and other noises will immediately become distractions.

Paper or computer?

Computer. I used to write with paper all the time in high school but I’ve come to a point where my mind is faster than my fingers and the computer is the closest way to catch up with the speed of my thoughts. Writing on paper now is kind of a “Oh I can’t bring my laptop. Okay. *brings notebook*”

what do you do before you start to write?

A number of things. Nothing is steady and I should probably go for a steady routine. I always take my birth control in the morning (yes. I’m very open about contraception.) and drink a glass of water. Other than that, it changes depending on part-time jobs and what not.

What time of day do you like to write?

I write the best at night.

what distracts you from writing?

I love my friends but sometimes I struggle to say no and I forget to treat my writing like a real job because it will be one day.

Anxiety can distract me from writing.

Being around people who are too noisy can distract me. Social media can distract me.

YouTube can distract me.

anything to help set the mood?

GOOD ASS MUSIC. Like I need to get pumped up and then I need to simmer down and then I’m ready.

are you a plotter or pantser?

I’m more of a pantser than a plotter but I’ll plot when I need to be.

Any other weird habits?

Is fussing at your characters weird? I heard most authors do that? I daydream about them sometimes. I heard that was normal too. I brainstorm with my boyfriend and sometimes ask him to respond to certain things to see if it’s natural dialogue. I guess I’m not weird lol.


That’s it for my writing habits! I don’t have a lot of blogger friends so . . . I’ll just tag one person, Amanda Seigreist and see how it goes.

Until next time,

Tiara “Kikyo” Hatake



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