My Focus is Way Off

So there are a few things I’m trying to do for these next six months that I’m still in small town Mississippi.

  1. Study Korean for at least an hour a day so I’m not extremely lost when I finally move over there.
  2. Finish writing book two in the series I’m working on.
  3. Get book one edited and beta read for one last round.
  4. Send my FBI CRC to get apostilled for EPIK. (It’s still raining like a waterfall here and I’m not in the mood to re-print that app if it gets wet so I have to act smart)

It’s only a few things right? Pretty simple, right?

I would say so myself but for some reason I can’t focus on the simplest of tasks. Maybe a part of me is still depressed and still emotionally drained from all of the anxiety and stress I went through this summer. I know I’m still worried about life falling from under me again. Maybe that’s it. I don’t know but I definitely need to re-route my focus.

I’m reading a book on writing romance and it’s helping me a lot with focusing. I even finished a novel I had intended to read. Baby steps. I’m also due for some serious self care and I mean serious self care.

I’m not here to give you tips on how to stay focused because I suck at it myself and as a recent college grad, I have yet to figure that out. However, I can tell you that when you’re extremely depressed and drained to not neglect yourself. Self-care is really important and maybe that will help with regaining focus. Find a self-care buddy too.

Until next time,

Tiara “Kikyo” Giles


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