And the Flash Fiction Returns!

Hello again!

I feel like I have neglected a task that I came to love . . . a lot! I got really busy with the last few weeks of school and then with job hunting and prepping . . . well you saw you my last post. If not click here! But anyway, on the to the wonderful way of combating writers block!

Prompt: I Love Crazy

Sophia walked out of the tall building onto the busy side walk, chewing at her lower lip and wringing her hands together. She couldn’t believe she had a mental breakdown in front of Bill last night. She was supposed to be okay or at least fine after years and years of therapy.

Apparently not.

Today was supposed to be her last session before checkup sessions but nope. She messed up and got in too deep with Bill. She fell in love and gave him her trust.

Stupid Sophia.

She forced herself through the crowd of speed walkers, doing her best to not get hit.

She wouldn’t be surprised if Bill deleted her number by now. She was crazy. She knew and now he did too. She violently shook her head and groaned.

“Stupid! Stupid!” She tightly clutched her purse to her side and picked up speed.

“Watch your step lady!” A man growled as she tried to pass.

“Sorry!” She put her head down as the man bumped into her shoulder. She couldn’t even walk correctly. She began to pick up her pace hoping she would reach her apartment as fast as possible but time seemed too slow. The crowd grew larger and the holes of escape thinned. She was tired.

Sophia looked around for an empty spot beside a building and hid there, taking deep slow breaths.

“Rough day?” A male voice said in her ear. Turning her head, she met familiar eyes.

“Bill?” Her eyes widened as she scanned the tall, dark-haired man. “What are you doing here?”

“I was just in the neighborhood. Thought I’d come see you.” He smiled.

“I – Why?” She found her free hand roaming for a place to settle.

“Because I love you.” He squinted his eyes and looked away a tinge of red coloring his cheeks.

Sophia eyes softened and she touched her heart. “Me? Really?”

He nodded and smirked.

“But why?” A tinge of sadness swirled in her eyes as she remembered screaming and yelling at him. “I-I’ve got so many problems. I’m not normal. I have to go to therapy all the time even when I think I’m okay, Bill. I’m crazy.”

“I don’t care.” Bill said and rest a hand on her cheek. “You’re fucking amazing and I love crazy. I love you.”

Sophia dipped her head down and smiled. Maybe she wasn’t as crazy as she thought. Someone loved her back. She rose her head and swept her hair out of her face.

“Want to get food?” She smiled and he nodded.


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